Slick Tire Prep for NJ Regional tracks

We’ve all gotten used to super high traction dirt tracks in the region, maybe across the country. The thought of buying and using a treaded tire feels a bit alien these days.

Locally we run on slick tires at two tracks in NJ. There are obvious pros/cons to slicks tires. The obvious plus side is there really isn’t any effort in choosing a tire. One tire works, all the time (providing track prep is on point i.e watering/dusting).

If you compare it to Turf/Carpet racing, tire life is much longer – but not as long as you would think. Which brings me to the downside, tire management.

Slick tire rubber breaks down when traction compound is used (which IS a requirement). So the surface usually doesn’t wear, rather the rubber stretches out and they loose their ‘edge’.

I made a quick video to discuss the subject and how to keep your tire management game on point:

RC Buggy Racing – Slick Tire Prep & Tire Management

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