Why is Club Racing so awesome and so important to the hobby ?

46RC always had a goal to put Club racing at the forefront of what it set out to do during its residency at Critters Raceway from July’17 thru March’18.

But what is Club Racing ?  What happens at a Club racing ‘scene’ and how do we make it successful ?

A track at its heart supports its locals and in turn, they support the track and its race program. Racers come each week to beat their peers.

Racers come during the week to practice and work on their car setups, so the next club race they are prepared to battle and either beat the racer who beat them last week, or reset track records for a moment of fame (and/or with their names on the Score board at the track).

Racers compete at the Club Event, to get on that all important Podium and are rewarded with cool Podium stickers and pictures of them on Social Media to show family and friends.

This close knit group of racers get faster and faster each week and the appeal should provoke outsiders to come in and try to take on the locals. Some will win, others won’t and hopefully will be drawn to the ‘club scene’ and become regulars.

There should be many positive outcomes from Club Racing, such as:

  • Prospective racers whether being new to the hobby or considering coming to join the fun, see club racers standing on the podium with their cars and are drawn to be part of something – which is the goal of club racing, to have this inclusive and shared interest.


  • Ideally those prospective racers will talk to local hobby shops, make purchases and can also talk to racers at club races for help with making those purchases, additionally influenced by the products they see winning each week at Club Races.


  • Lastly, and more importantly, Club Racers have fun and build great memories. They laugh at each other, blow huge leads, crash spectacularly on a TQ run, Loose wheels, Forget their transponders, Come from the back to win…They leave on a Friday night (or whenever) and get ready to do it all over again next week !

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