Standard Rules

As of January 29th 2018, the standard ruleset for 46RC Spec Buggy is:

  • Motor must be Reedy 17.5 Fixed Timing Motor (Part #293) – Cost $50 at Critters.
    • (NOTE: This pricing is just above cost and is intended to promote the class and help racers – Please purchase from your LHS).
  • Gear box and drive train must be completely stock as comes out of the package.
  • Fixed Gearing per manufacturer – goal is the most Torque/RPM without excess heat.
    • AE 32/69
    • TLR 30/69
    • Xray 33/69 or 34/72
    • Kyosho 30/69
    • Traxxas Bandit 36/76
  • Vehicle Minimum weight must be no lower than 1500 grams minimum weight
  • Speed control must be in Blinky Mode .
  • Batteries can be charged up to MAX 8amps charge rate, to a MAX of 8.40v.
  • NO sponsored drivers (Chassis/Electronics/Batteries).