Spec 2WD Buggy

This is a 2WD Buggy class designed to bridge the gap between the somewhat generic and often uncontrolled Sportsman class, and a Mod/Stock class.

Any 2WD Buggy can be used with its stock transmission. Please see the Rules Pages for more details.

A prospective racer asked me ‘How do I get started ? What do I buy?’

Pretty easy to talk about the purchasing decisions; but what class to start in ?

  • Stock Buggy is a Pro class and unless he wants to spend much $$$ he’ll just get smoked until he commits, financially
  • Mod Buggy, whilst better financial sense; he’ll get smoked
  • 2WD Short Course Or Stadium Truck, the class is not consistent; sometimes it runs, often it doesn’t (locally).
  • 4WD Short Course is an easy start but it does not foster good driving skills or a positive overall racing experience due to the degree of rough driving that unfortunately appears to be the norm.
  • Sportsman is the natural starter; but the class barely runs and you can end up racing against any vehicle, like a Pro4, and getting literally destroyed on the track.

2WD Spec Buggy is a class about racing and peer Tech’ing. It would be obvious when someone is cheating and their doing lap-times WAY higher than the next guy.

What would the racer experience ?

The idea is the car will not be fast. It may barely do any Doubles , let alone Triples; but it will stay ‘rubber side down’. The cars should overall be the same speed, week in, week out. All they have to do is race each other and not worry about who has the fastest motor etc.

It should promote close racing with vehicles that are all roughly the same.

How does this affect a track ?

Sure it will potentially dilute the existing Stock and Mod 2WD classes but overall the entry count should remain the SAME (which is revenue). Those Mod and Stock drivers will have less cars in their heats but is that really a problem ? Those guys are just lap traffic, right ? (sounds harsh, but its a double edged sword – Fast guys complain about slow guys getting in their way – slow guys complain about being beat or yelled at to ‘move over’).

How would this class be promoted ?

I’d like to promote this as a 46RC Community Class, use the 46RC brand to keep the Spec Buggy ‘class’ in the public domain, with the goal that multiple tracks could adopt it and racers could travel near and far for easy, controlled competitive racing.