Five minutes of RC fame ? Chance to help RC Community ?

So a couple of weeks ago I announced the 46RC Regional Vehicle Setup Database (RVSDB), and people seem to really like the idea.

I’m definitely not trying to replicate the stunning job of Petit RC, but rather extend the concept for our region, in the North East US.

Remember, setup is only part of the challenge of being competitive in RC. Whether your new to the hobby or class, you need 3 major things : Setup, the right tires and driving skills !

Don’t hold back on your setup just because you think it gives you the competitive edge. The recipient of ‘your setup’ still has to be able drive the car ! By donating your setups to the community your helping give everyone a jump start !

Send us your Track Setups !

If you have a dialed setup for your local track, and your vehicle, send it to us for our Regional Vehicle Setup Database (RVSDB) !

ALSO, a great idea from Jermaine Mitchell, send us your Tire choices with each Setup, per track.

PM us or email to In PDF or JPEG format etc. And we’ll gladly publish it!

Welcome to our new Blog!

For those who don’t specifically know the history of 46RC, it was originally formed in the summer of 2017 by a small group of local NJ racers to manage and operate an RC track.

They brainstormed ideas from their backgrounds and experiences and came up with goals for the 46RC brand as they ran that facility.

The agreement with that track ended in March 2018 but we kept the brand alive and now look to the future and to think on how we can be a positive force to the RC industry.

We slightly altered the wording of those ‘goals’ but they remain true to what 46RC stands for and are summarized below:

– Focus on Club Racing
– Promote a competitively fun atmosphere
– Be a positive force in the industry
– Collaborate with all tracks
– Assist, Consult and help tracks deliver a Quality, Consistent and Efficient Race Program

On May 23rd of 2018, we launched this blog. We thought it might be a good addition to the Facebook Page –  A place to dig in, and publish more static content thats easier to find, and of course, thats RC related.